Beshyaparar 5-Ti Durlov Songraha Bangla Rare Boi

Beshyaparar 5-Ti Durlov Songraha Bangla Rare Boi pdf

Beshyaparar 5-Ti Durlov Songraha

There was a very significant incident from the British government in the second half of the nineteenth century, they created various laws for their own interest to control the behavior of the Beshya. Some people in our society agreed to help this government because they thought the Beshyas as ‘social evils’. And they welcomed the government’s various laws. On the other hand as a result of these laws, it was impossible for the Beshyas to survive socially. They have become a part of the movement to regain their old position. Some people of the free mind were involved in that movement with them. There were two types of opinions created on the base of Beshyas and it stirred the society. As a result, these things came up as a reference point for the book publishers. There are many fictions, poems, plays etc. were written about their problems.
Now I want to share a book that tells about those stories.
There are five books in this collection, these are-
Beshya Guide (1868)
Beshyanurakti Bishamabipatti (1863)
Panchali Kamalkoli (1872)
Beshyay Sarbbanasher Mul (1873)
Elokeshi Beshya (1876)
Five rare books about Beshya are reprinted for the interested readers.
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Book name- Beshyaparar 5-Ti Durlov Songraha
Writer- Various
Edited by- Mou Bhattachariya
Book type- Rare Book (Only for Adult Readers)
File format- pdf
Total pages- 165
Pdf size- 14mb
Quality- good, no watermark
Dear friends, now you can collect a rare book- ‘Beshyaparar 5-Ti Durlov Songraha‘ in pdf.

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