Makarsar Jaal – Bikramaditya ebook pdf

Makarsar Jaal – Bikramaditya, Bengali ebook pdf

Makarsar Jaal - Bikramaditya pdf

There are three main shrines in the world in the city of Jerusalem. Fights, disputes and quarrels have started with this religious city and historical city. The golden Jerusalem of the past is now a battlefield. On one side of this conflict is Israel and on the other is the Palestinian army. Three thousand years ago, Israelis and Palestinians fought over the city’s sovereignty. The Palestinians had to concede defeat in that battle. History is going to repeat itself today. Today’s story is about this fight, victory and defeat.
This story is not a figment of imagination, not the diary of a vagabond, or the fairy tale of Sherazadi, Dunyazadi’s ‘Ghum Parani’. This is a real hard truth.

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Book name- Makarsar Jaal (মাকড়সার জাল)
Author- VikramadityaBook

Type- Bengali Thriller Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 276
PDF size- 24Mb
Quality- Good, no watermark

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