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Banglar Lok Shruti Bangla folklore collection book pdf

Banglar Lok Shruti Bangla folklore collection book pdf file Here author indicated the meaning of ‘Lok-Shruti’ is folklore in English. However, the meaning of the Folklore is very extensive, here it is limited with folk religion and folklore of Bengal. There are two forms of Scripture in every society- firstly written form, it is called… Read More »

Lok Kathar Satkahan-Barun Kumar Chakrabarty Edited

Lok Kathar Satkahan–Barun Kumar Chakrabarty Edited Book This Lok Katha (folklore) book has divided into several phases to facilitate discussion. In the first phase, the perspective of different types of folklore has been presented. Detailed discussion has been found in this book about fairytale, pashuktha, bratakatha, laughter story, parikahini, legend, the story of the proverb,… Read More »

Santali Lok Katha-Nandalal Bhattachariya

Santali Lok Katha–Nandalal Bhattachariya The folklore is the spontaneous composition of unorganized people. These aren’t composition by a special person, the whole population wrote these. Generally low-lying populace, they highlight the known world around them in these compositions. Naturally, there is not reflect high-quality public interest. There is a lack of so-called literature sign or… Read More »