Lok Kathar Satkahan-Barun Kumar Chakrabarty Edited

Lok Kathar SatkahanBarun Kumar Chakrabarty Edited Book

Lok Kathar Satkahan
This Lok Katha (folklore) book has divided into several phases to facilitate discussion. In the first phase, the perspective of different types of folklore has been presented. Detailed discussion has been found in this book about fairytale, pashuktha, bratakatha, laughter story, parikahini, legend, the story of the proverb, the story of the lyricist.
The second phase includes common Lok Katha (folklore) in different ethnicities as Mech, Leopcha, Oraon, Laedha, Sabar, Munda, Bha, Toto, The marginal ethnic group of Bangladesh etc.
In the third phase, the folklore of various states of India has been discussed. The states include Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Tripura etc.
Among the foreign countries, the folklore of Spain, Australia and Bangladesh is also included.
The most important part of the book is analysis and discussion of folklore by applying different methods. Theological method, historical geographical method, nationalistic method, type motif index method, comparative method, psychotherapy method even a folklore is presented with explanation and analysis with the help of different methods. Folktale has been explained in terms of Epic Laws. The folklore’s content-based review is an important part of the book. There have been quite a lot of writing places at this phase as triumph of trivial, adultery, class consciousness, protest, women’s welfare, man’s wishes, magical realism, oppression of women, professional context, feudal influence etc. The reader’s attention will be highlighted to both discussion about folklore Rakshas (monstar) and Vangma-Vangami.Readers can collect this Remarkable review book in pdf.
Bangla book name- ‘Lok Kathar Satkahan‘

Lok Kathar Satkahan, Collect the book pdf / Read online
Edited by- Barun Kumar Chakrabarty
Book type- Lok Katha (folklore)
File type- pdf
Pages- 665
PDF size- 30mb
Quality- Without watermark

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