Santali Lok Katha-Nandalal Bhattachariya

Santali Lok KathaNandalal Bhattachariya

Santali Lok Katha

The folklore is the spontaneous composition of unorganized people. These aren’t composition by a special person, the whole population wrote these. Generally low-lying populace, they highlight the known world around them in these compositions. Naturally, there is not reflect high-quality public interest. There is a lack of so-called literature sign or ornament, yet these are a star in direct experience, simplicity, and naturalness. Santali folklore is not the exception of it. These folk stories have been collected from the Santals of Saontal Parganas as well as Midnapore, Birbhum, Purulia region of West Bengal. Just a little attention it can be understood that there is a charming comedy touch in these stories similarly, there is the simplicity of the life of Santals, truthfulness is also revealed. There is a chubby look of the story in each story. This is the reason these folk stories are not only likable for children but also like for elder people.

Bangla book name- ‘Santali Lok Katha

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Written by- Nandalal Bhattachariya
File type- pdf
Pages- 98
PDF size- 4mb
Quality- Without watermark

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