Amar Bangla – Subhash Mukhopadhyay PDF

Amar Bangla – Subhash Mukhopadhyay Book PDF

Amar Bangla
The ‘infantry’ (Padatik) poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay has a special identity to the Bengali readers. He brought his identity to himself in the recent Bengali poetry world and there is no color in this identity.
He was one of the best Indian Bengali poets and prose writers of the twentieth century. Though poetry was his main literary field he was perfected in the form of rhymes, reports, travel literature, economical writings, translations, poetry discussions, novels, biographies, and children and adolescent writings. His notable works are- Novel: ‘Hangars’, ‘Ke Kothai Jai’, ‘Chithir Darpone’ etc. Poetry Books: ‘Padatik’, ‘Agnikon’, ‘Chirkut’, ‘Phul Phutuk’, ‘Kal Madhumas’, ‘Ei Bhai’, ‘Dharmer Kol’ etc. Economical writings: ‘Bhuter Begar’. Translated writings: ‘Moto Khuda’, ‘Rojenbarg Patraguchchh’, ‘Bagraniketan’, ‘Rush Galpo Sanchayan’, Anafranker Dairy’, ‘Tomos’ etc.
Now I want to share a book with this prominent author- ‘Amar Bangla’. There are eleven writings in this book, these are-
‘Garo Paharer Niche’
‘Chhatir Badale Hati’
‘Dipankarer Deshe’
‘Banyar Sange Juddha’
‘Shal-Mahuyar Chhayay’
‘Patalpurir Rajya’
‘Koler Kolkatta’
‘Jagaddal Pathar’
‘Chatgayer Kabioyala’
‘Megher Gaye Jelkhana’
‘Hat Barao’

Table of content-

amar bangla contents

Bangla book name- Amar Bangla
Dear readers can collect the above-said book in pdf-
Amar Bangla, Collect the book pdf or Read online
Written by- Subhash Mukhopadhyay
Book type- Story Collection
File type- pdf
Pages- 153
PDF size- 4mb
Quality- Without watermark

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