Tarzan Kishor Samagra Bangla Book pdf

Tarzan Kishor Samagra Bangla Book pdf file

Tarzan Kishor Samagra

The name-┬áTarzan is known to everyone who loves adventure. He is a fictional character. This word means “white skin”. How many mysteries surrounding this aranyak Tarzan. Edgar Rice Burroughs is the author of this comic character. The author writes story about this character in the background of East Africa. There are many novels and films made with this character.
Story Background:
A ship sailors killed their captain. And one English couple was released into the African forest. After that the couple also died. And Their son grew up in the Gorilla family. Gorilla Give his name Tarzan or white skin. Later, the family of Dronta rescued to Tarzan. Jane is the lover of Tarzan. Tarzan was first known in the novel “Tarzan of the Aipes”.

There are twelve stories in this samagra, these are-

‘Gorilla Raja Tarzan’
‘Abar Tarzan’
‘Tarzan O Gorillar Dal’
‘Aranyak Tarzan’
‘Bap Ka Beta’
‘Bhoyankar Tarzan’
‘Dhangsa Nagarir Ratna O Tarzan’
‘Arab Saitan O Tarzan’
‘Nishiddha Nagarite Tarzan’
‘Tarzaner Swarnasinga’
‘Singha O manush’
‘Nakal bonam Asol Tarzan’

Bangla book name- Tarzan Kishor Samagra
Dear readers, can collect the above said book in pdf
Tarzan Kishor Samagra, Collect the book pdf / Read online
Written by- Edgar Rice Burroughs
Translated by- Srikanchan
Book type- Teenage Story
File type- pdf
Pages- 287
PDF size- 16mb
Quality- Without watermark

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