Bideshi Lok Kahini by Jogmohon Gangopadhyay pdf

Bideshi Lok Kahini by Jogmohon Gangopadhyay, foreign fables collection book pdf

Bideshi Lok Kahini by Jogmohon Gangopadhyay pdf

The stories collected in the book are Bengali translations of ten foreign fables selected from ‘Birthright of Man’ published by Unesco. Fables are not just lazy, trivial stories. Over the ages, many fables have been prevalent in almost all societies in all countries of the world. Fables are somewhat of a medium of education in illiterate societies, special bearers of worldly customs and attitudes; Currently a special element of human history.
Although the book is called foreign fables, it features fables from different parts of the African continent.

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Book name- Bideshi Lok Kahini (জগমোহন গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়)
Translator- Jogmohon Gangopadhyay
Book Type- Fables collection book (Lok Kotha)
File type- pdf
Pages- 82
PDF size- 2Mb
Uploaded by- Bidya Naskar
Quality- good, no watermark, clickable table of contents

Collect this foreign fables collection book– ‘Bideshi Lok Kahini by Jogmohon Gangopadhyay‘ Bengali ebook PDF download.

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