Shikshamukhi Monobigyan by Shyamaprasad Chattoraj pdf

Shikshamukhi Monobigyan by Shyamaprasad Chattoraj, Bangla book pdf

‘Shikshamukhi Monobigyan’ is a book on educational psychology in Bengali.
There are different branches of psychology: – Like many other sciences, psychology can be divided into two main parts. These two parts are: (1) General or Pure Psychology and (2) Practical or Applied Psychology.
Pure psychology analyzes the nature of different types of animal behavior. Practical psychology discusses how animal behavior can be controlled in a variety of ways by applying those rules. Different branches of psychology have emerged based on these two main parts.
Some of the branches are- Animal Psychology, Child Psychology, Abnormal Science, Socio-Psychology, Educational-Psychology, Labor-Psychology, Statistical-Psychology, Etc.
The topic of discussion in this book is educational psychology. This branch is the practical form of psychology.

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Book name- Shikshamukhi Monobigyan (শিক্ষামুখী মনোবিজ্ঞান)
Author- Shyamaprasad Chattoraj
Book type- Article / Science
File type- pdf
Pages- 745
PDF size- 43 Mb
Quality- Good, without any watermark

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