Rane O Rajnitite Sri Krishna- Sanjib Bhattacharya

Rane O Rajnitite Sri Krishna by Sanjib Bhattacharya pdf

Rane O Rajnitite Sri Krishna pdf

Srikrishna the mythological biography- Rone O Rajnitite Sri Krishna

There is always someone born in every country of the world who thinks a little differently than ordinary people. Their thinking is a little higher than that of the people who live happily, sadly, and without purpose, and they are able to reflect those unique thoughts in their actions. Poor in thought, incapable of action, when the others succeed the subconscious mind’s desire of masses, then the masses are delighted, surprised, fascinated to see that, and that sense of fascination gradually makes them devotee of that person.
The constant praise of the devotees, in general, affects the personality of the successful person. He began to realize that he was different from the common man. Higher than the general and worthy of the praise of the general. In this way, appreciation introduces a sense of superiority in the personality, and that high-mindedness is reflected in his dealings with the public. The poor and mentally malnourished people easily accept this different kind of behavior. In a few days, the influence of other people’s personality on them becomes easy for them and that is what they think is normal. The inferiority complex attacks the people very slowly in this way but the people are unknown about it and they appreciate someone’s strong personality and are blessed with His grace.

When the whole nation suffers from an inferiority complex without knowing it, then that nation has no confidence in itself. They abandon their national character, then either other nations enslaved them or takes the advantage of their impersonality, the most cunning and personable man among them is able to transform himself into a great man.
Only in times of national catastrophe have great men been born to lead the world and still are. No nation has given birth to a great leader in its normal healthy position and still does not. If the mental, financial and political health of the nation is intact, there is no prophecy in the sky and no great leader is born in prison or anywhere else.

When India was divided into many small kingdoms of Panchal, Matsya, Indus, Magadha, Bideho, Kashi, Vidarbha, Kuru, etc., and many more, we see a man named Sri Krishna in the politics of India at that time. Lord Krishna the name has been described in various Puranas, Mahabharata, and several scriptures as the focal point of Indian politics at that time.

The character Krishna has portrayed as a political philosopher in the Mahabharata. Most of the Puranas tell the story of Krishna’s life. The existence of Lord Krishna has passed from age to age and has occupied an inexhaustible seat in the hearts of Indians which is unmatched anywhere else. Lord Krishna has won the seat of devotion and respect in the hearts of the people of India and that cannot be removed from their hearts in exchange for the whole world. Long after Krishna, many great men, many politicians, and many philosophers have been born in this fertile land of India, but no one has been able to displace Krishna from the minds of the people. The infinite existence of Lord Krishna shines like a single star in the lofty sky with its everlasting popularity and reverence, and the others revolve only around him in his orbit.

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In this book, an attempt has been made to evaluate the favorite and unpleasant of that immortal personality. Here the story of his struggling life is narrated with political and military analysis and emotional success. The history of a long journey from Kangsa’s prison to the battle of Kurukshetra has been narrated.

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Book name- Rane O Rajnitite Sri Krishna
Written by- Sanjib Bhattacharya
Book Type- mythological biography book
File type- pdf
Pages- 222
PDF size- 14Mb
Quality- good, no watermark
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