Pramilar Sangsar by Prabodhkumar Sanyal pdf

Pramilar Sangsar by Prabodhkumar Sanyal, Bengali novel pdf

Pramilar Sangsar by Prabodhkumar Sanyal pdf

Prabodhkumar Sanyal was one of the writers of the ‘Kallol’ newspaper group. His material for writing was life in the city of Calcutta, rural Bengal, and exile. He started writing stories from his student days but many stories from that period are not available. His short story writing period was from 1923 to 1979. In these fifty-seven years, he wrote 214 stories.

He wrote about the characters of laborers, fishermen, masons, garwans, grocers. Stories of neglected, humiliated, oppressed people. Novels written by Prabodhkumar are also of that type. From 1928 to 1979 he published a total of 53 original novels. Although he started writing novels in 1925 with the novel Pramilar Sangsar. Which was published in book form in 1943.
In this post, the PDF of his novel ‘Pramila Sangsar’ is shared.

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Book name- Pramilar Sangsar (প্রমীলার সংসার)
Author- Prabodhkumar Sanyal
Book Type- Bengali Novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 147
PDF size- 3Mb
Uploaded by- Bidya Naskar
Quality- good, no watermark,

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