Mahakal Periye Ese by Prafulla Roy Pdf

Mahakal Periye Ese by Prafulla Roy, Bangla eBook Pdf

Mahakal Periye Ese by Prafulla Roy pdf

James is a fourth-generation descendant of William Patterson, the son of an English noble family. He is a young researcher at Cambridge University. He is very generous and humanitarian. There is no trace of racism in his character. Suddenly he found some diaries of his great-grandfather William Patterson, long ago worn out. The diary contains a detailed account of the indiscriminate and brutal torture of many freedom-fighting revolutionaries in Bengal.
A gloom rose in James’s mind. Then he came to the Indian subcontinent. First, he went to Bangladesh, then came to West Bengal. Coming to West Bengal, he met a young woman named Aindrila and their family. What James’s humanism led him to realize is what this extraordinary narrative is about, ‘Mahakal Periye Ese’.

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Book name- Mahakal Periye Ese (মহাকাল পেরিয়ে এসে)
Author- Prafulla Roy
Type- Bengali Novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 189
PDF size- 7Mb
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Quality- Good, no watermark.

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