Adam- Smaranjit Chakraborty bangla ebook pdf

Adam- Smaranjit Chakraborty bangla ebook pdf

Adam- Smaranjit Chakraborty

A thriller novel ‘Adam’ by Smaranjit Chakraborty. Nickname – Adam. Adamya (indomitable) is a Bengali boy. his mother died during his birth. And the father died after becoming a little older by Somalian pirates.
After that, Father Francis brings out the helpless Adamya from darkness world then he was ten-twelve years old. Then Father takes him to the Fish city in Austria. There Adamya grew up in a church’s orphanage. After that, he reached the international crime scene through the various collapse-emergence of life and the incidents. He works differently for the money. He manages ten orphanages. He does not bind his life to any rhyme. ‘Gray’ is his color.

Friends, don’t miss the story. Excellent thriller novel.
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Book name- Adam
Writer- Smaranjit Chakraborty
File type- pdf
Book type- Thriller novel
Pages- 23
PDF size- 7mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark
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