Gatha – Bengali translation of Zend-Avesta Pdf

Gatha – Bengali translation of Zend-Avesta Book Pdf

Gatha book pdf

The Gatha are the scriptures of the Parsis. As a religious book, Hindus like Gita, Sikhs like Japaji, Buddhists Dhammapada, Jains Mulsutra, Christian Bible, Muslim Koran, and Parsis like Gatha. Every devout Parsi recites a few verses of the Gatha daily. ‘Gatha’ is famous as the mouthpiece of Lord Zarathustra and only this book is called the words of Zarathustra.

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Book name- ‘Gatha’ (গাথা)
Translated by – Jatindramohan Chattopadhyay
Book Type- Religious Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 345
PDF size- 11Mb
Quality- Good, no watermark,
Dear readers, Collect this translated Parshi religious book- ‘Gatha‘ Bangla ebook pdf

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