Bichitra Ekanko by Manmath Roy pdf

Bichitra Ekanko by Manmath Roy, Bengali Natok Book pdf
e-book name- ‘Bichitra Ekanko’,
Written by- Manmath Roy,
Type of book- One-act plays collection book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 7 Mb,
Pages- 144,
Quality- Good, no watermark

Bichitra Ekanko by Manmath Roy pdf

Manmath Roy is one of those who have achieved establishment in society by writing mythological plays. Not only mythological dramas but all kinds of dramas, he can be called the greatest dramatist of modern times.
From 1953 he started writing full social plays for the stage. In modern times he wrote ‘Jibontai Natak’, ‘Jatagangar Bandh’, ‘Guptadhaan’, ‘Jiban Maran’, ‘Mamatami Hospital’, ‘Raghudakat’, ‘Dharmghat’, ‘Pathebipthe’, ‘Chashir Prem’, ‘Ajabdesh’, ‘Urvashi Niruddesh’. , ‘Meerabai’, ‘SriSriMa’, ‘Santal Bidhroho’, ‘Bandita’, ‘Amrit Athith’ etc. full plays and ‘Ekankika’, ‘Chotder Ekankika’, ‘Nabo Ekank’, ‘Marahati Lakhtaka’, Kotipati Niruddesh’, ‘Fakirer Pathor’ etc. Ekank Natya books are memorable contributions.

Fifteen Ekank plays written by Manmath Roy have been compiled in this book. Some of these one-act plays are playable for ten to fifteen minutes.

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