Sukher Kache by Buddhadeb Guha Bangla boi pdf

Sukher Kache by Buddhadeb Guha Bangla galper boi pdf.

Sukher Kache by Buddhadeb Guha ebook

‘Sukher Kache’ it is a brief love story of Sukhen and Mohua. But the description of natural scenes is more in the book. The mountainous area, the smell of mahua flower, the beauty of the night calling birds tone, all these are enhanced the beauty of the story.

Readers can collect this story book-‘Sukher Kache by Buddhadeb Guha’ in pdf.
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Book name- Sukher Kache
Author- Buddhadeb Guha
Book type- novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 77
File size- 270kb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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