Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor- Bonophul Bangla boi pdf

Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor- Bonophul Bangla boi pdf file

Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor- Bonophul

Bolai Chand Mukhopadhyay was an eminent personality in Bangla literature of twentieth century. This author is well-known to the world wide readers under the pen name- ‘Bonophul’, ‘the wild flowef’ is the meaning of this pseudonym and better known in this pseudonym in literature.
“Sthabar” (1951) and “Jangam” (1943-1945) this two novels are considered as all-time classics in Bangla literature. Many others, including “Hatey-bajare” (1961) and “Agnishwar” (1959), these novels are very popular and these have been transformed into effectual movies. He also wrote thousands of poems, 586 short stories, 60 novels, 5 plays and biographies like- “Madhusudan”.

Now I want to share a famous novel of his written- ‘Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor’.

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Book name- Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor
Author- Bonophul (Bolai Chand Mukhopadhyay)
Book type- novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 75
File size- 7mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Readers can collect this story book-‘Rupkotha Ebong Tarpor- Bonophul’ in pdf.

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