Sudur Sokal by Buddhadeb Guha Bangla novel pdf

Sudur Sokal by Buddhadeb Guha Bangla novel pdf file.

Sudur Sokal by Buddhadeb Guha

‘Sudur Sokal’ is a wonderful novel by Buddhadeb Guha who is an Indian Bengali writer. He basically wrote more about the forest and nature in his novel subject. His long-term intimate acquaintance with the people of jungle, animal and forest in eastern India.
He believes in this opinion that the role of the heart is bigger than the brain to the literary writing. He wrote many novels and short stories and got established in a very short time as a writer.

Readers can collect this another one best creation of his-‘Sudur Sokal’.
Collect the pdf or Read online
Book name- Sudur Sokal
Author- Buddhadeb Guha
Book type- novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 32
File size- 270kb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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