Nakshi Kathar Math by Jasimuddin Bangla poetry pdf

Nakshi Kathar Math by Jasimuddin Bangla poetry pdf file

Nakshi Kathar Math by Jasimuddin Molla

Jasimuddin is a rural poet in Bangladesh and he wrote this famous poetry book- ‘Nakshi Kathar Math’. It’s the story of the love of two rural boy and girl, name- Rupai and Saju. ‘Nakshi Kathar Math’ is an ageless poem of this author. This artistic poetry was composed in 1929. The poem is described in fourteen scenarios. This poem has enriched the poet’s creativity by describing love, breaks, quarrels, hatred and heroism.

Collect this ageless poetry book- ‘Nakshi Kathar Math by Jasimuddin’ in pdf.
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Book name- Nakshi Kathar Math
Author- Jasimuddin Molla
Book type- poetry
File format- PDF
Pages- 51
File size- 150kb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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