Rupkatha Samagra by Nabanita Deb Sen PDF

Rupkatha Samagra by Nabanita Deb Sen PDF File

Nabanita Deb Sen is India’s leading poet, literary, writer, and novelist. Her first poetry-book ‘Prathom Pratyoy’ was published in 1959 and the first novel, ‘Ami Anupam’ was published in 1976. The number of her published books 38 consisting of poems, essays, novels, travel stories.
She honors by various awards like Padma Shri, Sahitya Akademi Award, Kamalkumari, etc.

Some say that the world of the fairytale of children is lost. Today’s children do not want to be lost in the world of fantasy with the imagination. Nabanita Deb Sen has repeatedly proved that this is wrong. The author was a very successful successor in Bengali children’s literature like Sukumar Roy, Upendrakishor, Lila Majumdar, Satyajit Roy.

Rupkatha Samagra by Nabanita Deb Sen pdf

Now I want to share a fairy tales collection book of her writing. This compilation is arranged with 61 fairy tales of different tastes. She wrote these stories at different times. These are-

Rupkatha Samagra contents 1
Rupkatha Samagra contents 2
Rupkatha Samagra contents 3
Rupkatha Samagra contents 4

Collect the book pdf or Read online
Book name- Rupkatha Samagra
Written by- Nabanita Deb Sen
Book Type- children’s story
File type- pdf
Pages- 348
PDF size- 21mb
Quality- good, no watermark

If you like the pdf then you can collect the hardcopy of this book- ‘Rupkatha Samagra‘.

Collect this children’s rupkotha story compilation book– ‘Rupkatha Samagra by Nabanita Deb Senbengali children’s books pdf.

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