Ashchorjo Pukur by Prachet Gupta bengali children’s books pdf

By | November 4, 2019

Ashchorjo Pukur by Prachet Gupta Bengali children’s books pdf

Ashchorjo Pukur by Prachet Gupta pdf

Ashchorjo Pukur is a book for children written by Prachet Gupta. There are twenty-one amusing stories in this book.
Author Prechet Babu is a regular penman of Bengali magazines like- ‘Unish Kuri’, ‘Sananda’, ‘Desh’. He is a well-known name in contemporary Bengali literature. Some of his writing stories have been translated into Hindi, Oriya, and Marathi.

Friends, collect this children’s story compilation book- ‘Ashchorjo Pukur’. And these stories are-

Ashchorjo Pukur by Prachet Gupta contents

Collect the book pdf or Read online
Book name- Ashchorjo Pukur
Written by- Prachet Gupta
Book Type- children’s story
File type- pdf
Pages- 135
PDF size- 10mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Collect this children’s story compilation book– ‘Ashchorjo Pukur by Prachet Gupta‘ bengali children’s books pdf.

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