Prithibir Shestha Galpo (Germani) Bangla Anubad Book pdf

Prithibir Shestha Galpo (Germani) Bangla Anubad Book pdf file.

Prithibir Shestha Galpo

There are many stories of foreign writers in this book, they are-
J. Frederick Kind, he is one of the ancient writer of German literature.

Kaspar Friedrich Godsak, he is also an ancient German writer. Born in 1772.

Grimm Brothers, they are world famous writers. This two brothers are unique in German literature in fairytale writing.

Thiodar Foreigner, he was one of the best German writer at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Born in 1791.

Pal Von Hesi, he was the most popular among the best German writers of the nineteenth century.

Hermann Sudermann, he He is comparatively modern author. ‘Nababarsher Purbadiner Swikaroukti’ is the best short story of his written.

Jakov Washarman, his special reputation among German-literate is that he is capable of analyzing psychology.

Now I want to share Bangla translated German stories collection book- ‘Prithibir Shestha Galpo’ in pdf.
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Book name- Prithibir Shestha Galpo (Germani)
Author- Various foreign writers
Translator- Monojit Basu
Book type- Anubad
File type- pdf
Pages- 249
PDF size- 11mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

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