Dibya Jagat O Daibi-Bhasha by Nigurananda Bangla boi

Dibya Jagat O Daibi-Bhasha (part-2) by Nigurananda Bangla boi pdf

Dibya Jagat O Daibi-Bhasha by NiguranandaWhen the author is frustrated and thinking about leaving the writing about Tantra. At the same time, he got the book- ‘The Serpent Power’ by Woodroffe. In fact, this book was at least aroused by the writer’s mind that Tantra is not the virtual Tantric ancient system. This is actually an excellent science; but not true physics ‘worn science (para biggyan)’.

The author wrote many outstanding books as ‘Paramatmar Chok’, ‘Pran Mon Atma’, ‘Tanter Sandhane Shaktapith’, Debota Darshan’, ‘Sadhusanter Deshe, ‘Atmar Rahasya Sandhane’, ‘Mrityur Pore’ etc.
Now I want to share another eminent book of his writing- ‘Dibya Jagat O Daibi-Bhasha Vol- 2’ Yoga and universe circumambulation in pdf.
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Book name- Dibya Jagat O Daibi-Bhasha (part-2)
Author- Nigurananda
Book type- Spiritual
File type- pdf
Pages- 150
PDF size- 9mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

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