Bishwer Shrestha Galpa Bangla children story book pdf

Bishwer Shrestha Galpa Bangla children story book pdf file

Bishwer Shrestha Galpa

People have enough tendency to listen to stories. So in the era of era literature filled with stories. Those who are world famous writers, some of them have written short stories and some big stories or novels. Among them, Maxim Garki, John Galsworthy, Poly Buck, Leo Tolstoy, Sir Walter Scott, Victor Hughay, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson’s writings got a permanent seat in the world of literature.
This book is published with¬†world wide famous twelve novels. The best novels by the global literary writers have been converted in the form of short stories and collected in this book,¬† the named ‘Bishwer Shrestha Galpa’. Hope that all the children will enjoy enough to read these stories. In a word, this is an alluring books for children.

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Book name- Bishwer Shrestha Galpa
Author- Various foreign writers
Book type- Anubadita Chhotoder Galpo
File type- pdf
Pages- 260
PDF size- 8mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

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