Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou by Sushmita Bandyopadhyay pdf

Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou by Sushmita Bandyopadhyay, Bengali book pdf

Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou by Sushmita Bandyopadhyay pdf

Although she was the daughter of a Brahmin family, she ignored all the members of the family and married a foreign Muslim youth. And she migrated to distant Afghanistan believing her husband. But when she went there, she realized that they were hypocrites, bigoted. Once anyone enters that country, can’t leave. The writer was imprisoned at her father-in-law’s house like ‘Central Jail’. Her husband also left her and fled to India. There is no one to speak for herself. Unspeakable torture was inflicted on her. Physical, mental. She spends her days in hunger and insomnia. She remembers her friends and relatives. The mind is anxious to return home. Her mind wants to go in the shadow of parental affection. But none of them know about her situation.

This unbearable pain lasted for eight long years. She became desperate to endure this situation. Promises to defeat them anyway. The war between the Taliban and the Rabbani was at its height in Kabul at that time. Necessarily, she had to flee to Pakistan. Her intention was that the staff of the Indian Embassy there would help her return to the country. But her fortune is evil, the chief of the embassy offers a night with him. But the Pakistani police extended a helping hand at no cost. But there the people of her father-in-law’s house also obstructed her. As a result, she was forced to return to Afghanistan. This time the father-in-law’s house became Tihar Jail, not Central Jail.
Even after that, what an impossible catastrophe has happened in the life of the writer, that frightening tragic story has been recorded in this book.

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Book name- Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou
Author- Sushmita Bandyopadhyay
Book type- Documentation
File type- pdf
Pages- 152
PDF size- 22 Mb
Quality- Good, without any watermark

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