Finge by Smaranjit Chakrabarty Bengali story pdf

Finge by Smaranjit Chakrabarty Bengali story pdf file

Finge by Smaranjit Chakrabarty ebookSmaranjit Chakrabarty is the author of the new style of writing and he is very popular among to the modern youth readers. His first novel was ‘Patajharar Marshume’. ‘Adamya Sen’ an amazing character which created by him. Notable works of his- ‘Criscross’, ‘Amader Sai Sahar’, ‘Palta Haowa’, Etuku Brishti’, ‘Alor Gandho’, ‘Britta’, ‘Campass’, ‘Om’, ‘Fanus’, ‘Porir Bari’ etc.
Finge is another notable novel of his for the new generation, all the characters of this novel is very familiar to the new generation and they can find out themselves among the characters. The writing style of this author is very modern.

Readers can collect this modern novel- ‘Finge by Smaranjit Chakrabarty‘ in pdf.
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Book name- Finge
Writer- Smaranjit Chakrabarty
File format- pdf
File type- modern novel
Total pages- 162
Pdf size- 5mb
Quality- high, no watermark

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