Shrestha Galpo by D. H. Lawrence Bengali Kindle Version pdf

By | November 19, 2018

Shrestha Galpo by D. H. Lawrence Bengali Kindle Version pdf file

Shrestha Galpo by D. H. Lawrence

D. H. Lawrence was an English great writer, poet, playwright, novelist and literary critic of the nineteenth century. The humanitarian degradation due to modernization and industrialization, these are reflect in his writings.
There are six stories in this book, and all these stories are translated by various authors, they are-
‘Chandramallikar Subhas’ by Dibyendu Banyopadhyay
‘Suriya’ by Premendra Mitra
‘Rupbati’ by Bani Basu
‘Pankhirajer Bazimat’ by Yobayada Mirza
‘Golaper Bone Chhaya’ by Dibyendu Banyopadhyay
‘Ghor-Byabosayir Meye’ by Dibyendu Banyopadhyay

Now I want to share a Bangla translated book- ‘Shreshtha Galpo’, the book has six selected stories of D. H. Lawrence writing. And the book pdf file readable on all devices specially on Kindle.
Collect the pdf / Read online

Book name- Shrestha Galpo
Writer- D. H. Lawrence
Translated by- Various authors
Book type- Translated
File format- pdf (kindle version)
Total pages- 193
Pdf size- 9mb
Quality- good
Courtesy by- Rahul Bid

Dear readers can collect this novel- ‘Shrestha Galpo’ in pdf.

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