Buddhadeb Guha Top 48 Bangla Novel Books in pdf

Top 48 Bangla Novel Books of Buddhadeb Guha as pdf get from here.

Author- Buddhadeb Guha
Number of books- 48
File format- PDF
Qualities- good, no watermark
Book Type- Bangla Novel

Buddhadeb Guha Top 31 Bangla Novel pdf

There are forty-eight Bangla novel books in this post, all these novels are written by Buddhadeb Guha. This reputed author was born June 29, 1936, in Kolkata. His author’s life is rich in many variations and experienced. He also has a long intimate acquaintance with the forests, animals, and forests of eastern India. His first published book ‘Jangalmahal’. Since then many novels and books have been published. He established himself as a writer in a very short time.
The background of each of his novels is alive, watching with his own eyes. Not incredible or fantasy.
His first book for children ‘Rijudar Sange Jangale’ received Anand Puruskar in 1977. His notable works are- Swapner Moto, Halud Basanta, Sudur Sokal, Khela Jakhan, Binyas, Sukher Kache, Bhorer Age, NagnaNirjan, Kojagor, Ribhu (part-1 to 4), etc.

Friends, now I want to share 48 books of Buddhadeb Guha. You can collect all these books as pdf files from the link below. Click on the book name below and collect the pdf from the drive or read online

1. Abelai (অবেলায়)
Pages- 104
Size- 10mb

2. Abhilash (অভিলাষ)
Pages- 182
Size- 13mb

3. Alokjhari (আলোকঝারি)
Pages- 86
Size- 10mb

4. Aktu Ushnotar Jonye (একটু উষ্ণতার জন্যে)
Pages- 180
Size- 15mb

5. Amar Samay, Amar Galpa (আমার সময়, আমার গল্প)

6. Babli (বাবলি)
Pages- 90
Size- 10mb

7. Baja Tora, Raja Jay (বাজা তোরা, রাজা যায়)
Pages- 37 (double pages)
Size- 28mb

8. Bhabar Samoy (ভাবার সময়)
Pages- 144
Size- 10mb

9. Binyas (বিন্যাস)
Pages- 187
Size- 8mb

10. Charaidihar Shalukphul Ebang Hariali (চড়াইডিহর শালুকফুল এবং হোরিয়ালি)
Pages- 149
Size- 8Mb

11. Chaprash (চাপরাশ)
Pages- 316
Size- 27mb

12. Dipita (দীপিতা)
Pages- 57
Size- 2mb

13. Durer Bhor (দুরের ভোর)
Pages- 101
Size- 5Mb

14. Durer Dupur (দুরের দুপুর)
Pages- 153
Size- 8Mb

15. Du Number (দু নম্বর)
Pages- 80
Size- 6mb

16. Dhulobali (ধুলোবালি)
Pages- 169
Size- 11mb

17. Gamhardungri (গামহারডুংরী)
Pages- 174
Size- 9mb

18. Horiali (হোরিয়ালি)
Pages- 99
Size- 3mb

19. Jangaler Journal (জঙ্গলের জার্নাল)
Pages- 97
Size- 6mb

20. Jogmogi (জগমগি)
Pages- 56
Size- 6mb

21. Jayoa-Aasa (যাওয়া-আশা)
Pages- 137
Size- 10mb

22. Jhaki Darshan (ঝাঁকি দর্শন)
Pages- 70
Size- 7mb

23. Jugal Uponyas (যুগল উপন্যাস)- Aronya (আরণ্য) and Dipita (দীপিতা)
Pages- 157
Size- 10mb

24. Jujudhan (যুযুধান)
Pages- 126
Size- 6mb

25. Khela Zakhan (খেলা যখন)
Pages- 144
Size- 7mb

26. Kojagar (কোজাগর)

27. Koyeler Kachhe (কোয়েলের কাছে)
Pages- 191
Size- 15mb

28. Madhukori (মাধুকরী)
Pages- 631
Size- 7mb

29. Mohuar Chithi (মহুয়ার চিঠি)
Pages- 163
Size- 7mb

30. Nana Raser Noyti Upanyas (নানা রসের নয়টি উপন্যাস)
Pages- 772
Size- 70mb

31. Pamori (পামরি)
Pages- 206
Size- 10mb

32. Pancho Pradip (পঞ্চপ্রদীপ)
Pages- 234
Size- 15mb

33. Porijayee (পরিযায়ী)
Pages- 66
Size- 7mb

34. Pujor Samaye (পুজোর সময়ে)
Pages- 147
Size- 10mb

35. Rijuda Samagra (ঋজুদা সমগ্র)
Pages- 332
Size- 32mb

36. Rijudar Sange Jangale (ঋজুদার সঙ্গে জঙ্গলে)
Pages- 93
Size- 5mb

37. Samudramekhla (সমুদ্রমেখলা)
Pages- 108
Size- 7mb

38. Sanjhbelate (সাঁঝবেলাতে)
Pages- 204
Size- 14mb

39. Sareng Miya (সারেং মিঞা)
Pages- 206
Size- 11mb

40. Sukher Kachhe (সুখের কাছে)
Pages- 108
Size- 7mb

41. Swagotokti (স্বগতোক্তি)
Pages- 90
Size- 10mb

42. Tatini O Akataru (তটিনী ও আকাতরু)
Pages- 64
Size- 7mb

43. Tanrbaghoya (টাঁড়বাঘোয়া)
Pages- 90
Size- 4mb

44. Ninikumarir Bagh (নিনিকুমারীর বাঘ)
Pages- 79
Size- 13Mb

45. Sopard (সোপর্দ)
Pages- 100
Size- 3Mb

46. Sondher Pore (সন্ধের পরে)
Pages- 77
Size- 3Mb

47. Halud Basanta (হলুদ বসন্ত)
Pages- 90
Size- 7Mb

48. Jogmogi (জগমগি)
Pages- 111
Size- 7Mb

We have shared the most popular books of Buddhadeb Guha, Download all 48 books as pdf.

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