Yogayog by Rabindranath Tagore Bengali book pdf download

Yogayog by Rabindranath Tagore Bengali book pdf

About the book “Yogayog”:
“Yogayog” or “Jogajog” is a social novel of Rabindranath Tagore. There are two landlord dynasties in this novel. The Chatujye dynasty and the Ghoshal dynasty are traditionally enemies of each other. And for a court case, the Ghosal dynasty becomes destitute. then Madhusudan Ghosal who is the next generation of the Ghosal dynasty marries Kumudini Chatujye who is from the Chatujye dynasty. Madhusudan loves Kumudini but also wants to be an enemy of the Chatujye dynasty. In the end, both the dynasties become poor due to the hostility among them. This novel gives us a perfect example of where enmity and hate can destroy anything.

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Book name- ‘Yogayog’ (যোগাযোগ)
Written by – Rabindra Nath Tagore
Book Type- novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 170
PDF size- 18Mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark,
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