Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut Bangla dushprapya boi

Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut Bangla dushprapya boi pdf

Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut

The novel- ‘Uddharanpurer Ghat’ is a different kind of novel by Abadhut who was a monk novelist in Bengali literature. This author Kalikananda Abadhut was a prominent Indian Bengali novelist and Tantra Sadhak. His original name was Dulalchandra Mukhopadhyay and he wrote several books under the pen name – ‘Abadhut’. The book ‘Murutirtha Hinglaj’ is another famous novel of this author and he achieved fame by this novel. His most notable compositions are- ‘Bashikaran’, ‘Bhorer Godhuki’, ‘Piyari’, ‘Bahubrihi’, ‘Mon Mane Na’, ‘Nilkantha Himaloy’, ‘Hinglajer Por’, ‘Uttar Ram Charit’, ‘Tahara Dui Tara’ etc.
For a long time the cremation ground of Uddharanpur is very special in Rarh region of Banga. Abadhut wrote a novel titled ‘Uddharanpurer Ghat’ with this cremation ground.

Book name- Uddharanpurer Ghat
Writer- Abadhut (Kalikananda)
Book Type- Rare book
File format- pdf
Total pages- 195
Pdf size- 10mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Collect the pdf / Read online
Now I want to share Bangla dushprapya boi- ‘Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut‘ in pdf file.

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