Amrita-Dwip by Hemendra Kumar Roy Bangla rare book

Amrita-Dwip by Hemendra Kumar Roy Bangla rare book pdf

Amrita-Dwip by Hemendra Kumar Roy

It was released from the ancient manuscript of China, according to ‘Tao’ saints, There is an island in the Pacific sea, its name is “Amrit-Dwip”. And there live the ‘Siyean’ means immortals. There growth one type of immortal creepy plant and when anybody eats its nectar-fruits then they have become immortal. The main goal of those who accept Tao-religion is that, going to the island of Amrita. And, if you want to go there, you will have to stay with the statue of Lau-Gujur. ‘Tao’ religion also contains different forms in the later ages like Buddhists and Hindus. In it, there are many ghosts, mantras, jhar-fuks, and every kind of magic arise. Even the saints say that their success Taoes not only immortal but also their speed is free in the water-soil-space.

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Book name- Amrita-Dwip
Writer- Hemendra Kumar Roy
Book Type- Rare book
File format- pdf
Total pages- 80
Pdf size- 11mb
Quality- best, no watermark
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Now I want to share Bangla dushprapya boi- ‘Amrita-Dwip by Hemendra Kumar Roy‘ in pdf file.

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