Srikanta All Parts High Quality PDF and Epub Collection

Srikanta All Parts High Quality PDF and Epub Collection, Srikanta (শ্রীকান্ত) entire volume ebook pdf

Srikanta All Parts pdf

There are a total of four volumes of the novel ‘Srikanta’ written by the eminent storyteller Sarat Chandra. The protagonist of the novel ‘Srikant’ is a vagabond. He has narrated various events and experiences of his nomadic life in his old age. The first volume’s content about his adolescence and youth. Each volume has become remarkable in the quality of the author’s description. Apart from Srikanta-Rajalakshmi who are the main chatacters of this novel, there are also many other male and female characters such as Indranath, Annodadidi, Abhaya, Brajananda, Sunanda, Gohar, Kamalata etc. And in this novel, the author has highlighted the social relations and its various problems centering on these characters.

It must be admitted that the intensity of women’s love is higher in Sharat’s novel. That can be understood by reading this novel. Besides, we found a clear picture of the socio-economic condition of Bengal at that time through this novel.
And the notion of the literary researchers is that the character of Srikanth is a fragment of Saratchandra’s personal life. However, this unique novel was first published in book form in 1917 and last or fourth volume in 1939.
Readers, now the four volumes of this novel have been put together and shared in a PDF format. There are countless PDFs of this book in the internet. But most of them do not have good print quality. Either dim or the print quality is poor. So we have brought you a HQ quality PDF and ePub. Collect these high quality files.
Srikanta pdf in Bengali

Book name- ‘Srikanta’ (শ্রীকান্ত)
Written by – Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay
File type- PDF and Epub
Pages- 825 in Epub and 483 in pdf
PDF size- 3Mb pdf, 1Mb Epub
Quality- HQ, no watermark, Clickable table of contents

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