Bankim Upanyas Samagra PDF and Epub

Bankim Upanyas Samagra PDF and Epub

Bankim Upanyas Samagra PDF

The time when Bankimchandra was born was an era of catastrophe in the social history of Bengal. At this time such a strong agitation was seen in the Hindu society of Bengal and many thought that in this revolution, the country’s ancient customs, ancient reforms, antiquities, ancient principles, and even the spirituality that is the traditional feature of Hindu civilization, will forever sink into the abyss. And in that calamity, Bankimchandra was not only satisfied with the creation of beauty by resorting to literature, but also taught.

On the one hand, he has completed and enriched Bengali literature with new works, On the other hand, he has removed garbage from the field of literature by ruthlessly criticizing.
With the help of his literature, he not only gave pure joy to the Bengalis but also showed the way to the full development of the mind – the ideal of the highest humanity. He has explained the practice theory to the Bengalis with the help of literature. The feature of his practice is that it is deeply mixed with spirituality.
But our misfortune is unknown to us in the history of his concentrated pursuit.
Dear readers, now in this post a PDF of all the novels by this modern Bengali novelist is shared.

Book name- ‘Bankim Upanyas Samagra’
Written by – Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay
File type- PDF and Epub
Pages- 1399 in Epub and 1055 in pdf
PDF size- 21Mb pdf, 6Mb Epub
Quality- HQ, no watermark, Clickable table of contents

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