Soumik Dey’s Books pdf Collection

Soumik Dey’s Popular Books pdf Collection
Type of Books- Ghost stories collection
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Soumik Dey's Books pdf

Soumik Dey is a well-known author of modern times. He gained popularity by writing Kaligunin story series. Kalipada Mukhuje alias Kaligunin is a Gunin with supernatural powers. He specializes in fighting against ghosts, demons, and evil forces. But he also fights against evil forces with mantras, sadhana, and science. But these are not his main weapons. The main weapon of this clever genius is prudence.
The content of the stories is similar to that of ordinary ghost stories. But somewhere the stories seem to be different from the other ghost stories. The reason is the characteristic of this Kaligunin.
Kaligunin’s method of finding and solving mysteries with his present reasoning and prudence is truly admirable.

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Kaligunin O Chhoy Rahasya (কালীগুণীন ও ছয় রহস্য)
Kaliguninen Kistimat 2 (কালীগুনীনের কিস্তিমাত ২)
Guptaghataker Kabale Kaligunin (গুপ্তঘাতকের কবলে কালীগুণীন)
Bhulor Khappore (ভুলোর খপ্পরে)

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