Ashoka or Priyadarshi by Charu Chandra Basu pdf

Ashoka or Priyadarshi by Charu Chandra Basu, Bengali Historical Book pdf

Ashoka or Priyadarshi by Charu Chandra Basu pdf

Many years ago, due to the miraculous influence of a great man, the story of India’s past became virtuous and glorious. Although he was a prince, he adopted indifferent monasticism and preached the peaceful monastic Nirvana from house to house in this mortal world. One-third of the world’s population still worships him and the holy land of India was turned into a holy place by the footsteps of Lord Gautama Buddha.
Nearly two hundred years after the demise of Lord Buddha, a King whose miraculous feats, strong religious fervor, unwavering monarchy, and universal mercy have illuminated the history of that Buddhist era. His compassionately brilliant genius idol is engraved in gold letters on the history page of India. This book deals with the events of the past, the “Devanang Priya: Priyadarshi” emperor Ashoka’s diverse biography, and the ancient history of Magadha.

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Book name- ‘Ashoka or Priyadarshi’
Written by – Sri Charu Chandra Basu
Book Type- Historical book
File type- pdf
Pages- 374
PDF size- 13Mb
Quality- good, no watermark,
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