Shanku Samagra – Satyajit Roy PDF

Professor Shanku Samagra by Satyajit Roy PDF

Shanku Samagra - Satyajit Roy PDF

Trilokeswara Shanku the Professor of Scottish Church College appeared in Bengali science fiction in 1961. First appeared in the pages of ‘Sandesh’ magazine as ‘Byomyatri’s Diary’. Author Satyajit Roy. That started. From the very beginning, the story of Shanku won the hearts of teenage readers. In the first story, Professor Shanku himself tells his story in the form of a diary. Since then thirty-eight complete and two incomplete diaries of Shanku have been published up to nineteen ninety-two. In these thirty years, Shanku himself and his stories are the best attraction for the little ones.

This scientific and inventive man is a true Bengali. He is fearless, yet self-indulgent in his terrifying expeditions. Again surprisingly modest. Although his workplace is in Kolkata, his research area is in Giridi, Bihar. He has been accepted with respect in international scientific circles. His self-confidence and extraordinary innovative talent
amazing Professor Shanku’s methods of discovery are as strange as the names of those discoveries. Anihilin, Miracurol, Nervigar, Omniscope, Snuffgun, Mangorange, Camerapid, Linguagraph, etc. Some of them are medicines, some tools, some weapons or gadgets. In the world of Shanku there is a great coexistence of the natural and the supernatural. Shanku traveled the world for research and discovery.

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Book name- Shanku Samagra (শঙ্কু সমগ্র)
Author- Satyajit Roy
Type- science fiction
File type- pdf
Pages- 654
PDF size- 46 Mb
Quality- Best, no watermark

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