Romoharshak Aloukik Kahini ebook pdf

Romoharshak Aloukik Kahini, Bengali miracles stories book pdf

Romoharshak Aloukik Kahini bangla pdf

Most scientists do not believe in miracles. Even many people who do not practice science do not accept miracles.
However, there may not be ghosts, ghosts, or anything supernatural, but there is no stopping imagination. Why would people lag behind in imagination? So the novel is about the belief that miracles can or do happen.
Many people in all countries of the world love and write such stories. Many prominent Bengali writers of the modern era have written wonderful stories about miracles. Some of them are included in this compilation.

The writers are- Hemrndra Kumar Roy, Pronob Sen, Adrish Barman, Ashok Shi, Lakshman Kumar Biswas, Manobendra Paul, Amitava Roy, Rabindra Nath Chakrabarty, Akhil Niyogi, Syed Mustafa Siraj, Shudhangsu Kumar Chakrabarty, Chhanda Mitra, Rabidas Saha Roy, Himanish Goswami, Subhas Samaddar, Sunil Basu, Bratati Chakrabarty, Achintya Das, Kartik Majumdar, Bidhan Majumdar, Harinarayan Chattopadhyay, Uma Dasgupta, Sujit Kumar Sengupta.

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ebook name- ‘Romoharshak Aloukik Kahini’ (রোমহর্ষক অলৌকিক কাহিনী)
Written by – Various
Edited by- Himanish Goswami
Book genre- Miracles stories
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 31 Mb
Pages- 164
Quality- Best, without any watermark, clickable table of contents

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