Rammohan Rachanabali Ed. Bangla book pdf

Rammohan Rachanabali Ed. Ajit Kumar Ghosh Bangla book pdf

Rammohan Rachanabali pdf

The book ‘Rammohun Rachnabali’ edited by Ajit Kumar Ghosh is divided into two main parts. In the first part, Rammohun’s entire writings are included. And in the second part, there is a place of Parishistha (Appendix). This second part contains book introductions, biographies, major events in Rammohan’s life, memorable events of contemporary times, bibliography, quotes from other scholars about Rammohun, notable books on Rammohan, translation of his Sanskrit works, selected English writings, and letters. In fact, an attempt has been made to understand this great person through his own writings and the writings of others. And attempts have been made to evaluate Raja Rammohan’s talent with as impartial judgment as possible.
However, download this edited book- ‘Rammohan Rachanabali’ in pdf.

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Book name- Rammohan Rachanabali
Author- Raja Rammohan Roy
Edited by- Ajit Kumar Ghosh
Book type- Rachanabali
File type- pdf
Pages- 51
PDF size- 1 Mb
Quality- Not bad, without any watermark

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