Pagal Mamar Char Chhele by Prafulla Roy pdf

Pagal Mamar Char Chhele by Prafulla Roy Bengali funny story book pdf

In this story, Sejomama’s name is Pagalchand Samajpati. His name almost drove him crazy. When people see him, some people call him ‘Pagalbabu’, some call ‘Pagalchandra’, and some say ‘Pagalda’.
Hearing crazy calls so many times makes any person dizzy. Sejo mama would have changed the name if there was a way. But that is the name given by his father. Apart from that, Pagalchand Samajpati is written on all the certificates and degrees from matric to MA. Although there was a lot of sadness in his heart but the name could not be changed.
He could not change his own name, so he settled and named his four sons – Pralayanachan, Pralayamatan, Pralaya Shin, Pralayaghatan. Of course, they have a nickname. Abu, Tabu, Habu and Pabu! Sejomama proudly said to Sejomami, tell me how I named the boys? My sons will become world famous because of that name.
Sejomami said it might happen. But bringing so many floods into the house together. I am afraid.
It was later realized that Mami’s fear was not false. There were not many born in the country such mischievous scorpion boys as my four cousins. Who knows whether by virtue of their name, they cause havoc day and night at home.
These stories are written about the activities of such mischievous scorpion boy.

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Book name- Pagal Mamar Char Chhele (পাগলামামার চার ছেলে)
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