Nazrul Galpo-Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam pdf

Nazrul Galpo-Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bengali book pdf free download

Nazrul Galpo-Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam pdf

The life of the rebellious poet Nazrul Islam was varied, as well as he was a man of many talents. Nazrul has started a special chapter in the history of modern Bengali poetry and music. His poetic voice is the most fearless and strong of the third decade of the twentieth century. There is no doubt that apart from Rabindranath, Nazrul is the foremost poet of the present century in terms of popularity.

In this age, the subjugated, troubled and conflict-ridden Bengali country’s desire for independence, rebellion, despair, and various ideologies have been most successfully expressed in his poetry. Nazrul was one of the best charan poets of Bengal. Not only that. In the present age of Bengali music, he also holds a very important position as a lyricist and composer. And in this case, his place is after Rabindranath in terms of popularity.

Apart from this, Nazrul’s talent has been developed in novels, short stories, plays, essays, translation of foreign poetry, and journalism. In the present age, such a versatile talent has not been observed in any other literary and musician except Rabindranath.

Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in his twenty years of literary life wrote eighteen short stories in three story-book (Byathar Dan-1922, Rikter Bedan-1925, Shiuli Mala-1931).

Now we want to share a book of all his short stories together in pdf form.

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Book name- ‘Nazrul Galpo-Samagra’ (নজরুল গল্প-সমগ্র)
Author- Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Type- Short stories collection Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 263
PDF size- 9Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Dear readers, now you can collect this Bengali short stories Book- ‘Nazrul Galpo-Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam’ Bengali book pdf free download

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