Mughal Samrater Andarmahal by Baridbaran Ghosh pdf

Mughal Samrater Andarmahal by Baridbaran Ghosh, Historical information book pdf

Mughal Samrater Andarmahal by Baridbaran Ghosh

The inner palace of the Mughal emperors, called the Harem in royal language, was an unprecedented self-governing society. Harems have always intrigued the public. But it was not possible for anyone to reveal the complete history of the place because there were countless guards, Khoja servants, and impenetrable guards of beautiful attendants.
The harems of the Nawabs of present-day Hyderabad, starting with Babur’s father Omar Sheikh Mirza, have been the subject of exhaustive research.
From Emperor Babur to Jebunnisa, the author Baridbaran Ghosh has presented the complete details of their inner palace in this book.

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Book name- Mughal Samrater Andarmahal (মোগল সম্রাটের অন্দরমহল)
Author- Baridbaran Ghosh
Book Type- Historical Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 131
PDF size- 4Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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