Manasik Byadhi by Dr. Lalmohan Ghosh pdf

Manasik Byadhi by Dr. Lalmohan Ghosh, Bengali health-related book pdf

Manasik Byadhi by Lalmohan Ghosh pdf

In our society, if a person suffers from any physical disease, he gets the sympathy of all his relatives and neighbors. Everyone is self-motivated to provide the best treatment to the patient, find a good doctor or hospital, and provide support to the patient’s family. Visiting the sick regularly is considered as an obligatory duty of relatives.
But if one is suffering from any mental illness, the opposite is seen to happen. The patient suffers from the neglect and ugliness of the society and his family experiences bitterly. They are gradually being abandoned by everyone else and as a result, they suffer from a sense of isolation.
But except for a few reasons, most of the mental diseases originate as a result of family and social disorders and trauma. The cure for these diseases lies in the supportive role of family and society. So we need to have a clear normal view of mental disorders.

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Book name- Manasik Byadhi (মানসিক ব্যাধি)
Author- Dr. Lalmohan Ghosh
Book Type- A Bengali health-related informative book
File type- pdf
Pages- 27
PDF size- 4Mb
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