Molat Kojagori 1426 Bangla ebook pdf

Molat Kojagori 1426 Bangla ebook pdf file

Molat Kojagori 1426 pdf

‘Molat Kojagori 1426’ is the first edition by the Molat facebook group. There is a lot of articles, novels, special writings, large stories, humorous writings, travelogue, belles-lettres, miraculous and ghostly, micro-story, poems, sports, translated writings in this edition. This is a fancy endeavor by Molat.

You get the chance to read the writings of all new authors. So collect the book as pdf file.
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Book name- Molat Kojagori 1426
Distribution by- Molat facebook group
Book type by- edited
File type- pdf
Pages- 380
PDF size- 9mb
Quality- High, no watermark

Collect this awesome Bangla ebook edition– ‘Molat Kojagori 1426‘ Bangla ebook pdf.

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