Buddha Sahitye Preto Tottwo- Bimalcharan Laha ebook pdf

Buddha Sahitye Preto Tottwo- Bimalcharan Laha ebook pdf file

Buddha Sahitye Preto Tottwo pdf

After death, the human soul revolves around the earth in order to enjoy good and evil deeds- this idea is an early concept of Buddhism. In Buddhist literature, the word pret (ghost) is just a synonym for spirit. The original meaning of the word pret (ghost) is the transmitted body; so the pret refers to the supernatural spirit. Childer’s also use the word ghost in the sense of the spirit of a dead person. There is a detailed discussion of pret and pretlok in the Pali book, ‘Petbathu’.

However, in the book ‘Buddha Sahitye Preto Tottwo’ (Ghost in Buddhist Literature), the author discusses this topic in detail.

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Book name- Buddha Sahitye Preto Tottwo
Written by- Bimalcharan Laha
Book Type- Researched Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 70
PDF size- 5mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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