Manab Deher Aloukik Rahasya Bangla ebook pdf

Manab Deher Aloukik Rahasya Bangla ebook pdf file

Manab Deher Aloukik Rahasya pdf

The man is the best creatures of creation. We do not know much about our body yet. There are many types of limbs and organs in the human body. Most of them are surrounded by mysteries. Let’s know, the known-unknown information of the human body.

Have you ever made these questions yourself?
*Why am I breathing or am I breathing now?
The amount of blood circulating in our heart, is that enough for us?
How much energy is needed any cell or limb of my body?
When should the digestive process start after the meal?
The quantity or intensity the light is entering into our eyes is that the correct level?
Which muscle will I shrink to move my hand?
The questions are bad to hear, is not it? Because we never ask us this way.
More than that, we are not aware of these processes. But these processes are automatically running.
Let us know this information from this pdf book.
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Book name- Manab Deher Aloukik Rahasya
Author- Harun Yahiya
Book type- Science Related
File type- pdf
Pages- 104
PDF size- 14mb
Quality- best, without any watermark
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