Jatak-Bangla Anubad ebook pdf

Jatak-Bangla Anubad ebook pdf file

Jatak-Bangla Anubad

The history of Gautam Buddha’s Past Births. ‘Jatak’ Gautam Buddha’s past life stories. It belongs to Tripitak and its narrator Gautam Buddha himself. After attaining intelligence, Siddhartha Gautam gained the power to remember his past Births. He mentions many events of his Births as a relevant example when he preached religion with the disciples. The sequence of events is ‘Jatak’.

Now I want to share such ancient stories collection book- ‘Jatak’ in pdf.
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Book name- Jatak (vol-1)
Translated by- Ishanchandra Gosh
Book type- Ancient Jatak stories for children
File type- pdf
Pages- 600
PDF size- 17mb
Quality- good, without any watermark
Collect the pdf of ‘Jatak’.

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