Mamata Banerjee Bangla Poetry Books pdf

Mamata Banerjee Bangla Poetry (মমতা ব্যানার্জির কবিতা) Books pdf file

Mamata Banerjee Bangla Poetry Books pdf

Mamata Banerjee is the chief minister of West Bengal and a skilled politician. But as a person, she is unique and she loves literature and art. She is a great figure in Indian politics, but in her busy lifestyle sometimes she gets the chance then wrote poetry. Mamata Bandyopadhyay’s love for poetry is not unknown to anyone and her poems are always the subject of discussion. Politics Mamta wrote a lot of poems about politics and other subjects. The main elements of her poetry about injustice, human rights, human suffering, and political protest. etc.

Dear readers can collect Mamata Banerjee’s kobita and chhara boi from the link given below-

Ajab Chhara (আজব ছড়া) – A rhymes book for children by Mamta Banerjee
Number of poems- 43
Pages- 60
pdf size- 1mb
Collect pdf or Read Online

Dharmatalar Singur Andoloner Anashon Mancha (ধর্মতলার সিঙ্গুর আন্দোলনের অনশন মঞ্চ) Poems
Number of poems- 5
Pages- 14
pdf size- 75kb
Collect pdf or Read Online

Other Poems of her
Number of poems- 8
Pages- 13
pdf size- 60kb
Collect pdf or Read Online

Now I want to share Mamata Banerjee’s writing of three Bangla poetry books , and collect these books in pdf.

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