Kheror Khata by Leela Majumdar pdf

Kheror Khata by Leela Majumdar Bangla book pdf

About the writer Leela Majumdar:

Lila Majumdar (1908-2007) is a famous Bengali novelist and literary. She wrote many novels and stories for kids and teenagers. Her writing style is simple yet that everyone can understand. “Maku”, “Golposolpo”, “Sob vuture”, “Bagher golpo”, “Din dupur”, etc are some of her notable writings. Leela Majumdar was connected with the “Sandesh” magazine as a co-editor from 1963 to 1994. She was respected with the “Ananda award”, “Vidyasagar award”, “Vubaneshwari Padak award”, etc. Later She was awarded the “Rabindra award” in 1969 for her autobiography “Ar Konkhane”.

About the book:

In the book “Kheror Khata” Leela Majumdar has described her precious memories of childhood. we will know interesting and sweet memories and events of her childhood from this book. we can get a clear image of her growing up from childhood to teenager. The writing style of her in this book is so simple yet.

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Book name- ‘Kheror Khata’ (খেরোর খাতা)
Written by – Leela Majumdar
Book Type- Article
File type- pdf
PDF size- 3Mb
Quality- good, but lite watermark,
Dear readers, Collect an Article book ‘Kheror khata by Leela Majumdar’ pdf

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