Kalika Purana in bengali pdf free download

Kalika Purana in bengali pdf free download, hindu religious book in bengali

Kalika Purana pdf

Some words about Kalika Purana hindu religious book in bengali

Kalika Purana is a Hindu scripture. It is one of the major scripture of eighteenth sub-Puranas. This sub-Purana contains 98 chapters and 9000 verses. It is the only book written for Goddess Kali and some of her special forms (viz., Girija, Bhadrakali and Mahamaya). This Purana contains detailed descriptions of the mountains and rivers of Kamrup Shrine and the temple of Kamakhya. The worship system of various deities including Kali, Kamakhya, and Durga is recorded in this myth. For that reason, it is a scripture of the Shakta branch of Hinduism.

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The Kalika Purana is one of the major Hindu scriptures. This Purana also mentions some of the earliest mythological legends. We believe that this book will enhance the knowledge of traditional religions.

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Book name- Kalika Purana
Book type- Religion book
File type- pdf
Pages- 933
PDF size- 111mb
Quality- good, no watermark
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