Hindi Golpo Sankalan pdf

Hindi Golpo Sankalan, Bengali pdf free download

Hindi Golpo Sankalan pdf

Bengali translation by Subimal Basak of an anthology of Hindi selected short stories Hindi Kahani Sangraha compiled and edited by Bhisam Sahani.
There are thirty many types of Hindi stories in this anthology.
The Hindi-speaking provinces are quite large, comprising seven states, and Hindi writers are found in almost all the provinces. It is also a pleasing fact that Hindi-speaking writers probably did not serve Hindi literature as much as non-Hindi-speaking writers did. Hindi stories written in Rajasthan and Hindi stories written in Bihar – although the language is one, the two cases have different characteristics. One has Rajasthani type in their language, the other has Vajpuri type. Proverbs, legends, jokes, customs, etc., etc. In this way the diversity of Hindi stories has increased, the language has also become richer.

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Book name- ‘Hindi Golpo Sankalan’ (হিন্দি গল্প সংকলন)
Book Type- Translated short stories
File type- pdf
Pages- 429
PDF size- 46Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Dear readers, now you can collect a translated short stories collection Book ‘Hindi Golpo Sankalan (Sahitya Academi)’ Bengali pdf free download

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